About Bruschettini

Bruschettini is a private, independent company which manufactures and markets high quality pharmaceutical products. Bruschettini was founded in 1910 by Prof. Alessandro Bruschettini under the name “Laboratorio di Terapia Sperimentale” (Laboratory of Experimental Therapy). The company\’s principal work was scientific research in the field of vaccine therapy. In the 1960s Bruschettini diversified its production including, among others, ophthalmologic products.
Nowadays is present in more than 30 countries in the world.
Bruschettini is authorized by the Italian Health Authority (AIFA) to produce proprietary drugs in the following pharmaceutical forms: eye drops, ocular baths, creams and ointments, liquid to nebulise without propellant, suppositories, ovules, drops solutions, drops suspensions, pure liquids and solutions, tablets.



Dr. Augusto Bruschettini President
Dr. Ovidio Caveri Member of the Board
(With delegation for commercial policy with Foreing Countries)
Dr. Vainer Folisi Member of the Board
(With delegation for coordination activities of the Pharmaceutical Plant)
Avv. Luigi Raffo Member of the Board
(With delegation for legal and contractual activities)
Dr. Gilberto Rinaldi Scientific Director